Mission Statement:

Concern about violence led students to create Peace Victories in an effort to combat the feelings of anger they felt toward one another as well as family members.

This is the way it worked. Every child would report at least one attempt to avoid or redirect conflict each day.


These were called "Peace Victories"

Here are some samples:




I think one of the reasons we are doing peace victories is that one day we will be grownups and we will haved learned how to apply peace in our every day lives that little bit of peace will bring the world closer to peace.

Three of my best peace victories are:1. I was on the bus one day this week and this kid kept calling me names I can't say but they were rilly bad. Well any ways in sted of helling at him our doing a vilent thing I ignored him.2. This kid on the bus kicked for no reason. in sted of helling at him or doing a vilent thing. I asked him why he did it.3. My sister changed the chanul when I was watching T.V. yesterday. I ask her to change it back because I was hear first. But she wouldn't. So I went upstairs and watched T.V thier.

How my life is changing because of peace is that I am geting along better with people and I don't get into as many fights.





Why we are doing peace victories...The resin we are doing peace victories is that it helps us to be more peaceful.

Three of my best victories are...The time that my little brother took the money out of my safe and I didn't pound him. 2.The time my little brother wanted me to play a game with him but I couldn't because I was doing my homework so I to wate a while and I would play with him. 3. The time my little brother wanted to wright on my homework so I told him to get his own paper and wright on that.

How my life is changing to be more peaceful is that I don't hit and punch my little brother as much as I did before.



I'm working on peace victories because I want to change my every day life so I can have a better everyday life. Three of my peace victories is when my brother punched me and busted my lego and knex figures and for all three things I peacfully walked away and told my parents. My life is changing right now and I'm having a better life.




Why we are doing peace victories? to help us handle problems of the future in a less violent way.

Three of my best peace victories are:#1 my brother was reading over my shoulder and I don`t like that so I asked to stop and he did.#2 I was home babysitting and the house was a mess and it had to be clean but the little kids would`nt work so I said,kids the person that picks up the most gets a prize. The house got cleaned.#3 my mom kept giving my brother treats for babysitting but I was home when he was but he was older so he was the baby sitter I told my mom that and she understood so I got to babysit.

How my life is changing to be more peaceful is that no sometimes I just ignore my brother when he reads over my shoulder.




We are trying to change our everyday lives into peace. Three of my best victories are someone called me a name and instead of yelling at him I asked someone else they said I could, next my sister woke me up instead of hitting her I did what she said. My friends were hitting each other I said chase me they did.
My life is changing into a peaceful life i'm not hitting a lot.




Why we are doing peace victories is to change our everyday normal lives.

Three of my best peace victories are when I decided not to strangle brianne, to ask nikki instead of pound her, and when I decided to ignore Paul and Stephen when they said "No girls aloud!"

How my life is changing to be more peaceful is that...

I think my life is staying the same because I still smack and blow up at my sisters and brother.






Why we are doing peace victories, so we can deal with are problems in a positive way, and so we can have a better life, or relationship with our friends.

Three or my best peace victories are when I was sitting in the living room and I was watching TV and my sister came up to me and and put her chin on my shoulder. I just sat down and I just ignored her. It was a boring day and Mom said she was going to go to Rainbow to get some chap stick. and I constently was asking her and she yelled every time I asked and I acted as if she had never said a word.
My sister was having a sleep over with her best friend and they were constantly screaming and yelling, and I said to them if they do it again I will call Dad and tell.

How my life is changing to be more peaceful is that instead of hitting my sister when ever we get into fights (like I should do) I am just saying to her O.K.




Why we are doing peace victories, So we can use them in the future and to make our lives better.

3 of my peace victories are, I was tapping Mike on the shoulder and he told me to stop and I did.Me and Andy didn't know who was doing Sara's home work sheet so instead of yelling at him I let him do it.I wanted to play football so I asked some one who was playing and he didn't let me so I asked Andy and he said "you can".


How my life is changed to be more peaceful is that,I'm not hitting people even when they hit me.

Tom s


Our procedure for mediation:



We appear to be having a difference of opinion!!

RULES: No interrupting, no put downs, just state the

Person # 1 Say the difference (as you see it): _________________

Person # 2 Repeat what was said:___________________________

Person # 2 Say the difference (as you see it): _________________

Person # 1 Repeat what was said: __________________________

What can you give to this situation in the form of
possible solutions or compromise? __________________________


Select one: _____________________________________________

Try it for (period of time)_________________________________

Participants are:_________________________________________


In 1993 we exchanged email letters with students in Russia. We even exchanged peace plans and received invitations to visit Kamachatka in Russia.


Here our some of our letters:


Burning of the Rain Forest

Shoosh,well there goes another Rain Forest. I am sick of the burning of the Rain Forest and by the year 2000 they say that there will not be any Rain Forest left. So I will talk about what we can do to help stop the burning of the Rain Forest.
Right now you are probaly thinking "What can I do to stop the burning of the Rain Forest?" Well thats simple. I can get my family to get other people to either boycott or write a critical letter to the head of the company with other peoples names who want to stop this burning. If that does not work my friends and I can go around and plant some trees.
The biggest challeng of the burning of the Rain Forest so that we are losing 86,400 animals each day and most of the animals that we are losing we have never even heard of. If they keep burning the Rain Forest they could also be burning plants we could use for medicines that could cure diseases so more people could still be living right now and in the future.
Now that I have talked about what I can do for the Rain Forest maybe you can help me and hundreds of other people stop the burning of the Rain Forest.




To one of the best Dads in the World.

Me and my dad do a lot of things together. We go camping at Jelly Stone Park. We go camping at Taylors Falls. We go camping at a lot of places. It is really fun. I go Swimming a lot and my Dad goes with me. We watch a lot of T.V. together and we watch stuff like Murphy Brown,Saved by the Bell, Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, stuff like that. We also watch MOVIES!!! We watch Home Alone, Problem Child, Dances With Wolves, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, LOTS of movies.

But I have a lot of Frustrations with my Dad to.
oNe thing is that he never does any house work. He's almost always grouchy. I hate it when he is like that. He makes me and my sister do most of the housework. I HATE house work!!

But I still have a lot of special memories with my Dad. Some memories are, camping, tickling, and wrestling.
I have a lot of fun camping. Once when we were camping, we went swimming. And then we had bon fire and roasted marshmellows. We have a lot of fun camping!!!!

I wish we did a lot more things together.




Teddy Bear (poem)

Once I had a teddy bear, he followed me
every where. He was soft and cuddly and
I loved him a lot. When I got sick he was
my best buddy. But one day Ditches got a
hold of teddy and chewed him all up. That
was the end of my teddy bear.


By, Emily Warolin


..........BYE BYE LITTLE BIRDIE..................
Oh, hi.. did you know every day at least 40 animals or more die.

Plants go bye bye too.The reason I am writing about this is my family and I go camping a lot.And we like to go on hikes.
And look at all the beautiful flowers and all the other beautiful things. Now about how the smoke affects us and the air. The smoke affects the air by making the air polled so we can not breathe.

I think we should let the animals live.

by Kristin


Stop Pollution!
Stop pollution, stop pollution. Pollution should be stoped so everybody has a good world to live on. Because I don't think people want to clean up other peoples messes every day. Because I now other people have lots of other things to do. But now onto.........
.....What to do about it.
I say to sto pollution you shouldn't litter, and you shouldn't drive cars alot unless you need to.
And big buildings shouldn't have all that smoke, they shouldn't have lots of wood to make all that smoke.
'Cause people don't like pollution.
But last on to ........
.....How am I preparing for it now.
Well, I'm planing on not using a car alot,and I'm NOT
going to LITTER 'cause I don't want to clean up every day.
And again I don't think anyone want's to.
I just think everyone wants a CLEAN PLACE TO LIVE.....!!!!!!!!!




We got letters back but they were not typed out.

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