Hi, our names are Ali, Andy, and Bryon. We are here to talk about art. That is why we named this section Art Smart. We all like art. In this section, we will talk about art. We will also include pictures of art. We will talk about the pictures too. The picture at the top (from left)is a symbol of showing an idea. The picture in the middle is a frog. The last picture is a poison symbol. I told you we know art. You probably know what this bottom picture is. That's right. It's a smiley face. If you have good eye-sight, you can see that the eyes are bigger than the mouth. And who wouldn't know what color the face is. That's right, it's yellow. And the color of the big eyes are black.

The face means how fun it is to do art. Ok, I have to admit, we all like art, mazes, cartoons, paintings, and comic books. Two of us like Spider-Man. I'm not going to say our names. The other person in our group likes Sonic the Hedgehog. Think about what comic book heros you like? Think about it.



She makes good use of contrast for her kitty.



A great drawing by Dominique

It is a self portrait....pretty accurate!


In this one, she shows harmony.



Next, we have a picture of a dog.

Notice that the fur is brown. If you have very good eye-sight, you can see that the eyes are blue. You can see that there are different colored patches. The colors are brown and light brown. Now you should see how hard we've worked to bring you this web page.

Thank you for this trophy. You owe it all to us for bringing you this web page. Good Bye!